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  • LabRatsFan123

    Fanmade Episodes!

    December 30, 2015 by LabRatsFan123


    So today, I posted my very first fanmade episode! I usually don't make this type of stuff, though this one made me do it. These episodes can be counted as fanmade, but also as a theory. It's the next episode after Space Colony. 

    Anyways, go check out my fanmade episode, "A Shocking Truth", plus see the overall plot of my next episode, and the fake finale of Lab Rats, "The Final Showdown". The full story will be released within the next couple of days.

    What are you waiting for? Check it out!

    Leave your feedback below, and tell me what you would change about it? And I'm currently writing tomorrow's story, so you could help give suggestions for that too.


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  • LabRatsFan123

    This year, we decided to continue the annual Lab Rats Wiki Awards! Beginning March 10, you could vote for your favorite episods, users, etc. on which you want to win a Lab Rats Wiki award, and now, the awards are out!

    The categories for the awards were Favorite Season 3 Episode, Favorite Bionic Human, Favorite Season, Favorite Recurring Character, Favorite Cast Member, Favorite Guest Star, Favorite User, Favorite New User (1 month or earlier), Favorite Admin, Most Active User, Chattiest User.

    The winners for the awards were...

    Favorite Season 3 Episode: Rise of the Secret Soldiers

    Favorite Bionic Human: Chase 

    Favorite Season: Season 3

    Favorite Recurring Character: Douglas

    Favorite Cast Member: Kelli Berglund

    Favorite Guest Star: Tyler James Williams


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  • LabRatsFan123

    This year, we'll be continuing the annual Lab Rats Wiki Awards! Below, you can vote for each category on which thing you'd like to win. Winners will receive a trophy that can be put on their user pages for visitors to see. Winning episodes, cast members, etc.'s awards will be added to their pages. Good luck to any users that were nominated on winning!

    Winners -!

    Voting categories choosen by LycanPrincess1.

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  • LabRatsFan123

    Favorite Episode

    June 30, 2014 by LabRatsFan123

    I just wanted to ask you guys, what is your favorite episode? Comment below in the description!

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