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  • Labrats1510

    Lab Rats Agenda

    March 22, 2015 by Labrats1510

    Here's an agenda with dates which are related to Lab Rats and the Lab Rats Wiki. Please, comment if you know another "Lab Rats" dates I can add on the list. Isn't your birthday on the list, comment beloww when it is.


    • 17: KimDavenport's Birthday
    • 18: Mateus Ward's Birthday


    • 1: BigTimeRusher19's Birthday
    • 9: Kelli Berglund's and BTRLover2211's Birthday
    • 19: LycanPrincess1's Birthday


    • 3: BraseLover55's Birthday
    • 5: Rafael002's Birthday
    • 9: NerdAlert123's Birthday
    • 15: Cole Ewing's Birthday
    • 16: Tyrel Jackson Williams' Birthday
    • 18: The Director of Shields' Birthday


    • 3: RealMeganK's Birthday
    • 9: Aardvarkbanana911's birthday
    • 20: Ice5302's Birthday
    • 25: LabRats1510's birthday



    • 13: Ptbaum's Birthday


    • 21: Labratgirl101's Birthday
    • 28: Spencer Bo…
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  • Labrats1510

    Please, I really want to know! I am wondering it for a long time now.

    I hope anyone of you guys know it

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  • Labrats1510


    I was wondering, how can I put a picture on a gallery page? Because I only know how to put pictures there like this(with the [[]]):

    But that's not possible on a gallery page, so what's another way to put pictures in there?

    Thank you & sorry for my bad English!

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  • Labrats1510

    Your favorite characters

    December 23, 2014 by Labrats1510

    Hey, I wonder who your 2 favorites characters are.

    My favorites are Chase(he will always be) and Douglas. I also like Adam, Donald, S-1 and Tasha, but not as much as Douglas and Chase.

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