Hello! This blog is all about the foreshadowing that occurs in Lab Rats. There is quite a lot of foreshadowing in previous episodes, as well as in the most recent episodes, like You Posted What!?! Here are some examples. 

1.) In You Posted What!?! when Adam, Bree, Chase, and Leo walk into school all the students are staring at them. Principal Perry tells them, "Go to class, or they'll shoot you with their finger missiles!" No one got finger missiles- though it might happen- but Leo got laser fingers when he got bionics.  

2.) At the beginning of Bionic Showdown, Adam complains that he hasn't gotten a new abillity recently. At the end of the episode, he gets his Blast Wave ability.

3.) Back to You Posted What!?!. When Principal Perry tells Adam, Bree, Chase, and Leo about the leaked video, Adam says something along the lines of, "Wait, there are other bionic people too?!" Mid-way through the episode, S-1 is introduced, and she is bionic. There is also a bionic (or android like Marcus) army on the other side of the world which Krane made. 

4.) In Three Minus Bree, Bree signed up for a traveling abroad program in Australia. Doesn't it look like the bionic army that Krane created is located in Australia? 

5.) Also in Three Minus Bree, Adam says something along the lines of, "Well maybe I'll get an ability where I disappear and reappear somewhere else. I sense that Adam, Bree, or Chase- even though he already has a hundred thousand abilities- or maybe even Leo will be able to Geo-Leap. 

6.) Also in You Posted What!?! when Leo and Douglas go back to the pipe to see if it was sabotaged, shape-shifting is brought up. Yes, I know there is a shape-shifting cloak and mask. I think one of the Lab Rats or Leo might be able to shape shift. To add to this, in Mission: Mission Creek High someone mentioned turning into a wolf. (I think Principal Perry said this.) Adam said that it was in the suggestion box. Who knows, someone might be able to shape-shift by the end of the season.  

This just some of the most recent foreshadowing. There is plenty of foreshadowing through all three season of Lab Rats, but I would be here all night if I were to list all of it. This is my first blog, so I hope it is ok and that I am doing it correctly. Thanks for reading this. I hope you enjoyed it! 

P.S- I did not come up with some of this foreshadowing. Other people did. I found it off of the Theories! board. I forget everybodies name's, but I give them credit for coming up with it!

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