Phantom, also called by Leo as the creepy masked guy, is a mysterious accomplice to Douglas Davenport, with bionic powers. His identity remains unknown.


At some point in time, probably before the events of Avalanche, he was given bionics by Douglas, and was drafted into his service.

Known Abilities

Super Strength: First exhibited in No Going Back, he's apparently strong enough to punch through a block of solid ice, shattering it.

Superior Fighting Abilities: Also exhibited in No Going Back , Phantom was able to easily take down three trained guards.

Super Intelligence: This is only a theoretical possibly that he has this ability, but given that he was able to find Douglas out of all of Donald's facilities, and Douglas' last bionic agent, had all of the Lab Rats bionic abilities.

Lightning Generation: Similar to alternate Leo, and Marcus,  he can harness the electricity in the air to form dangerous lightning bolts, which is presumably enough to kill a person. This power has only be exhibited in season 3 previews.


  • He may be Marcus in a new body.
  • He may be human with bionics, as he appears to be an adult, and androids burn out after 16 years..



No Going Back (first appearance, no lines)

Sink or Swim (presumably)

The Man Behind The Mask (presumably)

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